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What first time competitor and client Jeralynn Schnell had to say.


"I started my bikini journey in January 2015. I had been told by several people that if I was serious about competing that I needed to get a coach. So I ordered a meal plan from a well-known trainer and got to work. Over the next 8 weeks I followed his meal plan and exercise plan. I saw results, but they were minimal. I had met Jeff and Lindsey in Spring of 2014 and had been watching Lindsey’s posts for about a year always thinking how amazing she looked and how I could do what she does. Finally I decided that I needed a more personalized plan in order to get where I wanted to be. I knew Lindsey was a competitor and felt that if I had any shot at this, she was my best option. My experience with Jeff and Lindsey was amazing. They were very flexible with schedules, listened to my input/concerns, very knowledgeable about the body and fitness, and were always on the ball with changes that needed to be made to my plan. They got me ready for my first bikini competition in just 11 weeks! Will definitely be working with them again for future competitions! I just can’t say enough good things about them, wonderful coaches! Thank you!"

Personal training Success story at Accelerated Fitness Cleveland, Ohio - Jeralynn

Kathleen Shurden's Success Story


"When I decided at first prep for my first bikini competition back in March I was very nervous and hoping could look as great as all the other athletes I would be facing, but I knew with the help of Accelerated Fitness I was in good hands. Now that I have two Bikini competitions under my belt I have never felt as confident in my own skin and I am more motivated to strive to be better in my future competitions. My trainers, Jeff and Lindsey, trained me to be the best that I could be from an individualized easy to follow diet plan, workouts to help me gain muscle and strength all the way to hitting the perfect poses on stage and making sure that I looked my best in front of all the judges. I couldn't have asked for better trainers who would do anything possible for their clients to make sure they are in the best shape and condition for competition prep!"

Personal Training success story, progress photos, Accerated Fitness Cleveland, Ohio
Personal training Success story at Accelerated Fitness Cleveland, Ohio - Kathleen
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