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What to look for in a bodybuilding personal trainer


When looking for a bodybuilding coach or personal trainer, it’s imperative that you work with someone that has experience and has been in the trenches themselves. There are many disturbing bodybuilding trends seen in the fitness and personal training industry that fall short . If building muscle and bodybuilding are your main goals, then a specific training and nutrition plan must be implemented to achieve your goals. Often seen are exercises that don’t belong in a bodybuilding program that are being used by “personal trainers” on healthy individuals looking to build muscle and strength, and these result in lost time and effort. For example, exercises performed on a Bosu Ball to help with stabilization and core activation may be appropriate in a rehab setting but not for a healthy bodybuilder trying to add mass. Another common mistake is the use of programming exercises or overuse of certain intensity techniques just because they are currently popular in the fitness community, even when they are not optimal for the client’s individual bodybuilding goals. Your muscle building training program must be specific for bodybuilding in order to see results.

Experience as bodybuilding personal trainers


Personal Trainer Jeff Cheatham’s bodybuilding experience dates back to 1999 when he first became serious with his own training and nutrition at an early age. Jeff’s many years of bodybuilding experience as a competitor and a personal trainer make him the perfect candidate for your personal training needs. Jeff’s passion for bodybuilding, and training and his gift for helping others build muscle are what got him started in the fitness Industry as a personal trainer in 2004. Jeff’s bodybuilding career as a NPC bodybuilder dates back to 2006, and this aids him in training clients to build muscle and to reach or exceed their bodybuilding goals. His personal training experience includes non-competitors as well as bodybuilders, physique, figure, and bikini competitors.


Personal Trainer Lindsey Cheatham’s bodybuilding experience dates back to 2008. Lindsey competes in the NPC bikini division and has placed well in competitions. Lindsey has been a bodybuilding competitor since 2009. Lindsey’s personal training services focus on bodybuilding for women athletes. She works with women figure competitors, bikini competitors, and non-competitors looking to improve their physique.

Personal training philosophies for bodybuilding clients


At Accelerated Fitness our bodybuilding training principles are centered on working efficiently and intelligently to yield exceptional progress and results for our clients.  Bodybuilding with the goal of building muscle size and definition is a process that takes hard work, dedication and a specific regimen consisting of strict training and nutrition to yield measurable results. We customize each bodybuilding training program to each individual. What works best for a beginner bodybuilder isn’t going to work as well for someone that is at a more advanced stage.  Sometimes you may see “expert personal trainers” claiming that one method works best, while another claims the exact opposite. With years of strength training, bodybuilding training, and personal training experience, we have found that there are very few absolutes. Each bodybuilding program must be properly customized to the individual and their specific needs and goals. However there are a few bodybuilding training rules that apply to everyone.


First, to build muscle your bodybuilding training program must be progressive to see positive results in your physique. There are several approaches to implementing progressive bodybuilding workouts that are time tested and create positive incremental results. You can increase intensity, volume, or frequency. However they must be kept in proper relation to avoid overtraining. Changing these and other variables, such as sets, reps, exercise selections, angles, rest periods, rep speeds, and using different intensity techniques, all play a critical role for proactive progress in your bodybuilding goals. Muscle growth is caused by more than one factor so it is important to make sure your bodybuilding training methodology reflects this.


Secondly, training must be specific for your bodybuilding goals which includes focusing on your weaker body parts to achieve a symmetrical physique . When hypertrophy (the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells) is the main goal, then your bodybuilding training regimen needs to reflect that.  That doesn’t mean that you will never work on strength or power as lifting heavier weights is one of the best ways to progress your training; and spending time building strength and power can effectively compliment any bodybuilding training program. However, it does mean that your 1 rep max should not be your priority when training for bodybuilding.  Feeling your target muscles work and getting a great pump is of greater importance for maximal muscle size.


Lastly, in bodybuilding training proper recovery must be implemented to avoid overtraining. When training for bodybuilding, proper programming, rest, and nutrition are the keys to recovery. While body recomposition is possible under the right circumstances, typically to build muscle you need to take in a caloric surplus with enough protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats for growth. Nutrient timing also plays a role in bodybuilding. This is not a license to over eat and get fat. Body fat levels should always be monitored and kept in check. You also need to make sure to get enough sleep (for muscles to repair) on a regular basis and either deload or take time off from the gym on occasion if training intensity is normally very high.

Bodybuilding Personal Training Programs | Online and in person training in Cleveland Ohio


At Accelerated Fitness we offer bodybuilding programs for anyone interested in building muscle.  This program is great for off-season competitors, but we also work with anyone that wants to build muscle, increase strength, or increase athletic performance.


Our muscle building bodybuilding programs include programs for the following:


  • Competitive Bodybuilders
  • Men's Physique
  • Classic Physique
  • Women's Physique
  • Figure
  • Bikini
  • Non-competitors


All our bodybuilding programs include customized workouts, nutrition, cardio/conditioning, weekly check-ins, and unlimited personal training support. We offer in-person personal training and Online training.


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