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What to look for in a weight loss personal trainer


When looking for a weight loss personal trainer, it’s important to work with someone that understands metabolism and nutrition. All weight loss programs should include resistance training, cardio, and a nutrition plan for best results. You cannot out - exercise a bad diet when training to lose weight thus it is imperative your nutrition plan is on point and works hand-in-hand with your training program.  Weight loss still comes down to calories in versus calories out.  You must create a caloric deficit to lose weight. Some people tend to underestimate the amount of calories they consume and overestimate the calories they are burning, which unfortunately results in a flawed weight loss program. On the other end of the spectrum, weight loss efforts based on starvation diets and excessive cardio will also set you up for failure. This is why it is important to understand metabolism.  Weight loss programs should really be focused on body fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. When calories go too low or excessive cardio is performed, your body may become catabolic and break down muscle tissue for energy. This will lead to a slower metabolism and over time sets the individual up to rapid weight re-gain, and often times leaves them with a higher body fat percentage then when they started.

Experience as weight loss trainers


Jeff Cheatham has been a personal trainer since 2004. He has helped a large number of people lose weight and get toned. He has successfully worked with people from the clinically obese clients to those just looking to lose a few pounds for the beach.


Lindsey Cheatham has been working with weight loss clients as a personal trainer since 2008. Her background as a registered nurse led her to want to work on the preventative side of health care helping clients reach a healthy body weight. She has helped numerous women achieve their weight loss goal, improve their health, and create a better quality of life.

Personal Training philosophies for weight loss clients


At Accelerated Fitness we believe the first step in any weight loss program should be to estimate the clients BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and activity level to determine how many calories each client needs daily to maintain their current weight. From there create a caloric deficit through diet and exercise which is critical for any weight loss training program. Our goal is to maintain lean muscle while losing body fat. We believe that a more balanced approach to nutrition is optimal for a successful weight loss plan. Typically speaking, neither dietary fat nor carbohydrates should be extremely low. Thinking that carbohydrates or dietary fat is the enemy and must be kept very low is a misconception that some dieters and weight loss candidates believe. We use a healthy lifestyle approach that is sustainable long­term for our weight loss clients. With weight loss we believe in cutting calories just enough to see proper progress and making only small adjustments at any given time to prevent plateaus. When drastic measures are taken, muscle can easily be broken down for fuel, and metabolism is reduced causing negative results. This can make future weight loss very difficult and lead to a rebound once a diet ceases. We also teach our clients how to transition from weight loss to maintenance once they have reached their desired goal.

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Accelerated Fitness offers weight loss programs for men and women looking to lose weight, get better toned, and improve body composition. We use a proven scientific weight loss approach. Programs include customized workouts, nutrition, cardio/conditioning, weekly check-ins, and unlimited personal trainer support. We offer in person personal training and Online training. For more information or a free consultation contact us at jcheatham23@gmail.com.

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